The Mavericks entered Wednesday's game against the Knicks with five losses in their last seven games. Cuban said he wasn't alarmed by the slide, pointing out that that Mavericks have played without Nowitzki in past seasons and had losing streaks while transitioning in new players. "The good news is we've been through this before when we had new players," Cuban said. "The better news is when we've gone through scenarios like this without Dirk, there's been no hope. "For now, we're complaining about winning games without Dirk, where before it used to be a countdown to when he came back." Still, before this season Nowitzki had never missed more than nine games. He's already missed 13 this year. Cuban said that has caused Dallas to make "boneheaded plays at the wrong time" and play "like a young team. "When we had new guys before, we had Dirk as the stabilizing influence," Cuban said. "No matter what the circumstance, 'Give it to Dirk, he'll know what to do with it,' and get the hell out of the way. We don't have that, and that's created part of the problem. But we've got to fight through it."