Has left-hander Mark Buehrle become the new ace of the Blue Jays starting rotation? If so it has likely been by default as the 12-year veteran ran his record to 7-7 with a 5-0 victory over the A’s at the Coliseum on Tuesday night. Buehrle tossed seven shutout innings on the heels of his two-hit shutout of the Astros and ran his scoreless innings streak to 20. His personal high is 25.2 innings without a run. “The first three innings weren’t too many quiet outs” Buehrle admitted downplaying his own performance. “They were putting the ball in play and like I’ve said before it’s the whole luck thing. “If this was our park or some other parks I might have been out of there in the third because there were balls that were home runs in different (parks). I made some pitches made some outs made mistakes. If I go out next start and have the same stuff I probably won’t be as fortunate.” If it sounds like Buehrle was being excessively hard on himself he also realizes in a positive light that he has been on a significant roll as the brightest light in the Jays rotation since the end of April. April has never been his month. “When you’re making your pitches and hitting locations I’m not saying I expect outs but that’s when you’re on your game and you want guys to put the ball in play” he said. “Early in the season I was making mistakes and they weren’t missing them. They were making me pay. There’s a lot of luck that’s involved in this game. But again you’ve got to be good. You’ve got to make your pitches. Over 50 per cent maybe 70 per cent is luck and you have to have it on your side.” After opening the season with a 1-3 record in 10 starts Buehrle is now 6-4 in his last 12 outings. He has won his last three starts vs. the A’s allowing just six earned runs in his last 30.1 innings against Oakland dating back to ’11 when he was with the White Sox. After seven innings and 93 pitches with the ball being hit hard in his final frame reliever Steve Delabar pitched a rare perfect inning striking out three A’s Adam Rosales Coco Crisp and Chris Young on the minimum total of nine pitches. Just one pitch was fouled. “I came off the field and I just laughed” Delabar said. “I was like I can’t believe that just happened. I was like is it really that easy? Getting loose here is tough. There’s not much room to move around down there and then just getting up going. It’s tough to get going get loose. I got up and got in there and felt good and just executed my pitches.”