It's been two days since MLB commissioner Bud Selig officially approved the Marlins' controversial trade with the Toronto Blue Jays that signaled what appears to be Jeffrey Loria's final blow to a Miami roster that many figured would be a contender during the 2012 season. Among the players shipped to Toronto was Mark Bueherle. Bueherle, along with Jose Reyes and Heath Bell, was a big part of the Marlins' surprising spending spree after the 2011 season, signing a four-year, $58 million deal on December 9th. And perhaps most importantly, many figured Buehrle would be the most consistent of the free agent haul for the Fish. Buehrle lived up to the expectations many had for him at the beginning of the year. He made 31 starts, threw over 200 innings, and finished the season with a 3.74 ERA. Not Cy Young-worthy numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but with how much shuffling and inconsistency that the Marlins' rotation showed over the course of the 2012 season, Buehrle was the constant.