wanted to write a bit tonight about Kendrys Morales. He's had a bit of a SSS resurgence the past 5 games because he's on the Mariners and the Mariners are currently the Tesseract and produce boundless, unceasing force and destroy everything in their path. In the classic write up Kendrys Morales won the game for the Mariners tonight. He swung at a (not a strike) in the 1st and hit a home run. It was his 2nd in as many nights. It's easy to give praise to Morales. Historically he hits and the Mariners, historically, do not. Many clamored for him to be extended during last season and his recent return was spun in places as a sort of mea culpa by the Mariners FO. But while Kendrys Morales drove in 100% of the runs tonight he also had a healthy part to play in keeping those 2 runs to that 100%. In the bottom of the 3rd Robinson Cano was on 1st and Kendrys Morales ripped another knuckleball down the right field line for a double. He squared it up, hit it off the sweet spot. The only question was would it stay fair? It did and the Mariners were immediately putting pressure on Toronto once again. Only Morales didn't end up at 2nd. He stayed a 1st. Watching baseball a lot you start doing mental math as soon as a ball is hit hard. Where is it hit? How hard is it hit? What's the score? What's the inning? How fast is the defender? How strong is his arm? How fast is the runner? In every form of that calculus that doesn't involve a Molina Kendrys Morales smacked a double into the RF corner. Yet he was at 1st after the play ended. Kyle Seager took it upon himself to drive the point home with a 4-6-3 double play: "You are slow and fat, you not very old human. How are you so slow?" This was my lead for tonight. I don't know if it's because I'm a pessimist, I'm lashing out at all the Bob from Northlakes spending all April-June complaining about not re-signing Morales or if I just really, really dislike no OBP, bat only DHs. The only thing I know is it sucks.