Jeff Passan is reporting that the Mariners might dangle Taijuan Walker for David Price. It's a bad idea, and one that looks even worse if they do it before they land the free agents they'll need to compete in the next two years. It's been an unsettling afternoon for Mariners fans, but things are about to get completely unnerving. Not long after news about Robinson Cano's dance with Seattle continued to expand, Jason Churchill tweeted out the following. I held off writing about it, because it was without any names, but Dave Cameron tweeted that he received a similar text. Churchill later said that he heard the desperation was over money, and not a trade, and that led to ridiculously wild hour on Twitter, where my entire timeline was full of speculation and self-deprecating humor. What could the Mariners possibly do that would be a panic move? I lamented that anything other than Nelson Cruz would probably be ok with me, and after a while it just seemed like the Mariners were going to toss something like $275 million at Cano. That was until this evening, and now we have an idea of what the panic move might be referring to. Jeff Passan broke a story that the Mariners are among several teams looking at Rays ace David Price, who is controlled for two more seasons at some cost around $30 million, through 2015. It's been known for a while that Tampa Bay was going to trade him, and that's a terrifying trade partner. The Rays have often killed on their expiring assets, and last year netted one of the best prospects in baseball for two years of James Shields. David Price is better than James Shields, and the current Mariners equivalent of Wil Myers is Taijuan Walker, except he carries more risk and has a higher ceiling. It's understandable why Tampa Bay wants a serious bounty for Price, and they'll probably get it. Of course, Passan then indicated that Seattle was willing to give up Walker for Price.