Not that many GMs get the chance to see their win-now moves come back around to hurt their rebuilds, but the unique situation with the Mariners and Jerry Dipoto we’re seeing both sides of the coin. The Mariners released one of the least successful win-now moves of Dipoto’s regime today, cutting loose RHP Nick Rumbelow after a number of dismal seasons in the Mariners organization. The response when the team acquired Rumbelow for two of the more interesting pitchers in the organization was... lukewarm at best.

JP Sears was a fascinating oddity, using deception and a low-90s fastball to miss bats. Juan Then was a slim bright point in the low-minors with projectability, but both players were in the low minors and Seattle would've unequivocally benefited from a back-of-the-bullpen talent like Rumbelowwas thought to be prior to 2018. That player never manifested, and less than two years and a DFA later Rumbelow is ticketed for release.