Following the Mariners’ 6-3 win on Tuesday night, Guillermo Heredia went around the clubhouse and said his goodbyes to his teammates. While the Mariners still have a series remaining in Anaheim, Heredia flew back to Seattle on Wednesday morning. His season was cut short by an aching right shoulder that will need a surgical procedure in the offseason per manager Scott Servais on Wednesday afternoon. “It needs to happen,” Servais said. “It will be kind of a lengthy rehab, but we just thought that the quicker we get on this, the better for him.” The official injury per the Mariners’ medical staff is a subluxation of the right shoulder, which is basically partial dislocation. That type of injury can lead to instability in the shoulder, which is what Heredia was dealing with for much of the season. It was made worse on a diving attempt for a fly ball a few weeks ago in Houston. “It’s loose and it needs to be tightened up is the easiest way to say it,” Servais said. Heredia has already received one diagnosis recommending surgery. He will head to Miami in the coming days to have a second opinion on the shoulder by the doctor that would likely do his surgery. The plan would be for Heredia to have the surgery shortly thereafter and do the rehab and recovery in Miami, where he resides in the offseason. He’s expected to be ready by spring training. “He needs to be around the right doctors and right people to get it right,” Servais said. “He lives down there. We feel really good about that situation.”