When the trade deadline passed last Thursday, Marcus Smart actually could have expended a heavier sigh of relief. But when he heard about the high price the Celtics were asking from suitors, he took comfort in the fact the price was too rich for anyone to bite. “Danny (Ainge) just told me, ‘We really want you.’ I’ve seen a little bit of what other teams were saying, and what the Celtics were asking in return,” the Celtics guard said yesterday. “That speaks volumes that they valued me pretty high. You definitely have to take that into consideration, and it means a lot. “I wasn’t too consumed with it, so I really can’t say it was a big relief for me,” said Smart. “I didn’t pay too much attention to it, so I really wasn’t worried about it.” The result, at least until restricted free agency begins July 1, is peace of mind knowing he’s not going anywhere. “Definitely. That’s with any player,” he said. “When things are finally set in stone for you, and you know you can go play now, you’re a little more comfortable. That’s what any player around this time wants. Everybody is kind of holding their breath over the next move. When you find out you’re good, it gives you peace of mind.” Smart’s next step is a return to action following the All-Star break. He won’t play Wednesday night against the Clippers — the last game before the all-star break. Thus far, the laceration on his right hand is healing on schedule.