Boston Celtics forward Marcus Morris said there's only one of three possible first-round playoff opponents he'd prefer to avoid: His brother, Markieff, and the Washington Wizards. After sounding off about the "disrespect" the injury-ravaged Celtics feel when they hear pundits suggest teams should be clamoring to match up with them in the opening round, Morris admitted he'd rather see the Milwaukee Bucks or the Miami Heat because of his family ties to the Wizards. "Man, every day we talk about it. Honestly, I don't want to play them first. Can't lie," Morris said after Boston's off-day workout Saturday. "I don't want to play them first because it's my brother and we're going to war. When I go out there -- I've been telling [my teammates] this is war time. It's like fighting for your life out here, and I'd hate to see my brother in the first round, to have to be that bully to my brother when I know it's gonna be like." The Celtics are locked into the No. 2 seed in the East, and entering Saturday's action, the Wizards were the most likely first-round opponent per ESPN's Basketball Power Index. According to BPI, the Celtics currently have a 43.1 percent chance of playing Washington; a 34.9 percent chance of meeting the Bucks; and a 22 percent chance of seeing the Heat.