With Nene playing the first half of the Rockets' back-to-back in Portland on Thursday, the Rockets intend to have him sit out Friday with Montrezl Harrell to rejoin the team in Oakland in time to be the backup center. Harrell had been away from the team for three days following the birth of his son. "I've liked it a lot," Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni said of the Rockets' efforts to limit Nene's workload by having him sit out one game in most of their 16 back-to-backs this season. "I think it's the only way we can do it and get the most out of Nene, make sure he's ready for the playoffs. "Having said that it hinged on whether Montrezl could accept that. Montrezl has played really well. There's no reason why he hasn't played a lot other than you just can't play three guys. He's been super in letting us be the best team we can be."