Marcus Camby and the Raptors agreed to waive set-off rights in his buyout according to Mark Deeks of which means Camby will make more than I previously calculated including a set-off. The post is now update to reflect accurate figures. Marcus Camby really didn’t want to be in Toronto. After being sent to the Raptors from the Knicks in the Andrea Bargnani trade Camby sacrificed more than $60000 just to leave town. He accepted $2 million less than he was owed just to become a free agent according But that doesn’t tell the whole story because Camby signed a one-year minimum contract with the Rockets that will somewhat compensate for his loss. In the next two seasons Camby will make $4809170 – $2763054 from the Raptors (including $646609 next season) $884293 from the Rockets and $515214 from the NBA (the latter for reasons explained here).