The best thing about having a media credential for SoxFest 2013 was being able to ask the questions that I (and I presume some segment of our readership) want to know the answers to. While we certainly appreciate the beat writers, without whom we wouldn't have as much fodder to write our pieces, SoxFest was an interesting peek into the herd mentality of the media, in which they traveled in packs from player to player, presumably in an effort to ensure no one else got quotes they didn't get. But obviously that has the by-product of everyone getting the same quotes and then everyone writing essentially the same article. So, naturally, when I talked to White Sox GM Rick Hahn, I asked about the topic near and dear to my heart: the minors. While we have heard a lot of talk recently about prospect lists, and how the White Sox draft strategy has changed in recent years to focus more on toolsy, high-ceiling players like Courtney Hawkins, Jared Mitchell, Keenyn Walker and Trayce Thompson, an area that hasn't gotten much talk is how the White Sox are changing their approach to the other primary pipeline of player acquisition -- the international amateur free agent market -- and how that changed approach impacts draft strategy.