Suns center Marcin Gortat prefers the nickname the "Polish Machine," given to him by his Polish coaches as a youth even though most fans here know him as the "Polish Hammer." Even the "Machine" would acknowledge that he needs a little more "Hammer" in his game. The byproduct of showing a more-refined shooting touch over the past 16 months of career growth with the Suns is that Gortat has turned into more of a finesse player around the basket. It began when he returned from a broken thumb and was reluctant to dunk with a splint, especially after injuring it on a dunk, but that ability to lay in the ball ambidextrously while rolling to the basket has since dominated his game. On Wednesday night, it was to his detriment when he missed his final 10 shots, almost all of which came near the rim. "I don't have an explanation for that," Gortat said. "I just have to finish those plays. Usually I'm finishing. I'm not saying I'm dunking every time, but at least I'm making layups. For some reason, I was relaxed too much. Sometimes when you're catching and thinking you have an easy layup, you're relaxing too much and missing that layup." Gortat shot 3 for 12 from the field Saturday at San Antonio but took more jumpers and said he had forced his shots that night.