As Marc Savard lay on the ice at Denver's Pepsi Center on Jan. 22, a hit from ex-teammate Matt Hunwick having just inflicted his second significant concussion in less than a year, Bruins trainer Don DelNegro rushed to his side. "Why?" Savard said to DelNegro. "Why again?" There is no certain answer, but the result is the Bruins yesterday announced that their erstwhile No. 1 center will not play again this season. As for his prospects of ever playing again, that, too, is a question that can't now be answered. "Right now, I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue at some point again," Savard said. "I've tried to stay away from (thinking about the future) right now. It's tough enough as it is not to finish the season." Joining B's general manager Peter Chiarelli and Dr. Peter Asnis at a Garden press conference yesterday, Savard seemed weary and emotionally down. More than two weeks after sustaining what was termed a moderate concussion, the 33-year-old still is experiencing concussion symptoms. "I'm having still some headaches off and on," he said. "I think the thing that scares me the most is little memory things. I forget I've asked someone a question, or little things like that that scare me. And (there is) the odd dizziness." Savard, who has the all-too-fresh memory of his severe concussion on the infamous Matt Cooke cheap shot last March in Pittsburgh, said he knew immediately that he had been concussed.