The first hints had already come from the GM. Monday, as the Blue Bombers hit the practice field for the first day of mini-camp, the head coach basically confirmed that Joey Elliott has the inside track on the No. 2 quarterback position, ahead of Alex Brink, who's coming off a serious shoulder injury. "I feel comfortable with Buck or Joey playing," Paul LaPolice said, after it was suggested he doesn't have two potential starters this year, the way he did last season. Pressed about Brink's status, the coach cracked open the door, slightly, for the man who appeared to championed by GM Joe Mack last season. "Joey's just played more than Alex," LaPolice said. "And one's coming off an injury. So it'll be an open competition. But if I were to peg them tomorrow, that's how I'd peg them." Obviously, it's a little early to worry about pecking orders. Elliott and Brink simply appear happy to be at a place where either one could be a play away from starting, a situation created when the Bombers traded Steven Jyles to Toronto. "It sent the signal that us young quarterbacks were doing the right things, and heading in the right direction," Brink said. "Joey and I both know that doesn't mean we've made it, by any means. We both have to go out and show that we're getting better."