Call it a new episode of Glea. Everything was wonderously new for defenceman Tim Gleason on Friday, the city, his new teammates, the rink and the blue sweater. After eight years in Carolina, he was even flattered to be ganged by the Toronto media, not every Leaf’s favourite part of the day. “Usually there are just two of you,” he said of the routine in Raleigh. “This is exciting.” But he thought one matter should be reconciled as quickly as possible, so he approached winger Nikolai Kulemin at his first opportunity. On Jan. 24, 2011, during a scrum in Raleigh, tempers escalated between Gleason and the Russian-speaking Kulemin. The inexperienced Leaf unwisely tried to engage the scrappy Gleason and had his nose broken by one bloody punch. “I said no hard feelings,” relayed Gleason. “I don’t know if he understood. I think he did.” At the MasterCard Centre, Kulemin’s stall is directly across from Gleason’s. “We talked about it ... it’s far away, now,” Kulemin said. “He’s a good player. He will help us.” Gleason said he knew some other Leafs, either from fighting them in other NHL stops or off-season pursuits.