At last count Nazem Kadri had more than 111000 followers for his Twitter handle @43_Kadri. So he would be disappointed if coach Randy Carlyle emulated Vancouver’s John Tortorella and restricted use of the social media tool among players. Even though Kadri took something of a public beating for his exchanges with fans and media during a sensitive period in his recent contract talks the chatty 22-year-old would hate going silent. “You do have to be careful with what you say” Kadri said when asked about the Canucks coach urging his players to tone it down or shut it down. “Twitter can cause problems but I think we’re professional enough in here to know that.” Tortorella was mainly concerned about sensitive dressing room information getting out “with that damn Twitter ... it’s nothing but trouble”. Witty Vancouver goalie Roberto Luongo tweeting under an alias is closing in on 200000 followers. Kadri Tyler Bozak and Joffrey Lupul are among the most active Leafs and Marlies goalie Garret Sparks is also building a following. “It’s a good way to interact with fans” Kadri said. “But we stay away from it in playoffs.