Pedal to the metal. No letting up. Well, starting Tuesday. Randy Carlyle may have given his charges the day off on Sunday — a few swung the golf clubs, heresy to traditionalists — and also kept them off the ice on Monday. But don’t take that as an indication the Maple Leafs are now on spring break until the post-season begins. Those young Leafs sitting by the pool in the midday sun on Monday afternoon, undoubtedly without a dab of sunblock? They’d better not have Malkin-like sunburns when the playoff-bound Leafs return to the ice bright and early Tuesday morning in preparation for the final three games of the season. “We’re going to get as many points as we possibly can, finish as high as we possibly can,” the Leaf head coach said Monday. “Resting guys will not be an option. “This team will go at a pace that is expected to have success. That’s what we have to do.” The Leafs are still chasing both Montreal and Boston, while the Islanders, Rangers and Senators are chasing them. “The only way we’ll be sitting guys out is through injury or they look extremely tired,” said Carlyle. “It’s our job to get everybody playing. We have some guys who are not playing to their potential. If we have to insert them into the lineup because of that, to get them going, we’ll make a lineup decision.” Even captain Dion Phaneuf, one of the most-used players in the NHL this season, won’t be getting a night off.