Hana Engel’s life hasn’t been the same since May 9, 2018.

Engel, now 25, was operating her own yoga studio and leading an active lifestyle before attending a dinner party hosted by Toronto Maple Leafs blueliner Cody Ceci — who was playing for the Ottawa Senators at the time — and his common law partner, Jamie Thompson.

According to the statement of claim regarding the incident filed July 23, per Aedan Helmer of the Ottawa Citizen, Engel and other guests were seated around an outdoor tabletop fireplace at approximately 9:00 p.m. in Ceci’s backyard in Stittsville, an Ottawa suburb. It was then that Thompson tried to refill one of the table’s burners with ethanol.

Upon squirting the fuel into the burner, the live fire from another section of the fireplace caught the stream and ran back up the bottle. In her panic as flames and ethanol began to shoot out of the bottle that was still in her hands, Thompson immediately threw it in Hana’s direction, according to the lawsuit.

Hana’s clothes quickly caught fire and “she was immediately engulfed in flames.”