There will be plenty for Randy Carlyle to be bothered by in Saturday's awful outing in Vancouver, perhaps even enough to ruin the taste of two earlier wins in the week. But where to start? The second-period injury to David Bolland in which Vancouver pest Zack Kassian gashed the Leafs centre with his skate. Depending on the diagnosis, it may end up being the ugliest moment of the season for Carlyle's team. With surgery scheduled for Saturday night, expect the recovery time to be measured in months not weeks, a crushing blow for the Maple Leafs given the huge influence Bolland has had on his home-town team. There was the parade to the penalty box, though the Leafs were full value for enough of them and ultimately the Canucks were so dominant five-on-five they barely needed the extra man. Or how about the Leafs being dramatically outshot yet again? No news here, but the margin was perhaps cause for concern and especially the style with which it materialized. By the third period, the Leafs didn't have much compete left in them, essentially hanging James Reimer out to dry. One game does not a crisis make, despite the obvious defensive concerns -- the final shot total was 47-21 -- but an interesting week for Carlyle and Leafs management awaits as they digest the loss of Bolland and plan for his replacement. They don't play again until Friday when they host the New Jersey Devils and then travel to Boston to play the Bruins in a game that will have huge, obvious hype. No need to over-react to a loss against a good opponent but given the similarities to the one-sided loss in Chicago two Saturday's early, plenty of work for the week ahead.