When new Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke spoke for the first time about overseeing one of hockey's most storied franchises (as well as the Toronto Raptors and Toronto FC), he ruffled some feathers. The former Kings head man talked about planning a championship parade, seemingly testing the hockey gods' power. A little lost in the commotion that proclamation made was another something Leiweke said, about wanting to "get rid of the pictures" in the Air Canada Centre hallways, harkoning back to some of the great players in Maple Leafs history. It just sounded bad. When you have a city that loves hockey as much as Toronto with a franchise that has so much history behind it, that's going to sting some folks, especially the players on said pictures. It didn't take long for Leiweke to backtrack clarify what exactly he meant to the Canadian Press on Monday. "I'm not here to stomp on the alumni," he said in an interview Monday. "One of the reasons anyone wants to come and be a part of this organization is the history and tradition of the Maple Leafs. "And so this is not a debate nor is it meant in any way to criticize or minimize our history. It was never meant to do that. And for that I'm extremely apologetic, because I don't want the alumni thinking there was any debate there. "It was just a simple concept, which is at some point or another this team in its current form and fashion has to create its own legacy. And we need not to hide behind other things. That's all. "It was a simple notion of -- and it still will be and I'm not going to back away from the notion -- we want to put the pressure on these guys. I want it to be about them.