The Spurs faced the Los Angeles Clippers Saturday night in San Antonio. The Clippers were without Chris Paul and J.J. Redick and the Spurs took advantage. San Antonio jumped on the Clippers early and Los Angeles was unable to recover. It was a very good showing for the Spurs, and I wish Chris Paul had been present because no one can beat the Spurs when they play the way they did tonight and I'm tired of all the "signature win" talk. The Spurs starters looked great in the first and finally played as a starting unit should. Before Manu checked into the game, the starters had built a seven-point lead and had very much outplayed the undermanned Clippers starters. The Clips were without Chris Paul, but it's still great to see the Spurs' starters execute and out-perform their opponents. I think Darren Collison is a worthy backup and this Clippers team is still one to be feared. Basically, I do not want to hear how this win meant nothing since Paul was out. OKC has Reggie Jackson replacing Westbrook and LA has Collison replacing Paul. I think the two backups are comparable and everyone thinks OKC is just fine. Keep in mind that Jackson has had two of his best games in his career against the Spurs. He's not as good as you think. He's had two +20 point games this year and both were against San Antonio.