MLB commissioner Rob Manfred on Wednesday defended Derek Jeter and the new ownership group of the Miami Marlins, saying they have a long-term commitment to winning in South Florida. Manfred, in a contentious interview with The Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio, said Major League Baseball "did not have player-specific plans" from the new ownership group, which has slashed payroll and traded away the team's biggest stars -- including Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Dee Gordon. "We do not get involved in operating-level decisions in the ownership approval process," Manfred said. "Clubs make those local decisions. "We did not have player-specific plans from the Miami Marlins or any other team that has been in the ownership process. Those are decisions that the individual owners make, and they do not have to be cleared by us or approved by us. ... Those are local decisions that really are not part of the approval process." Jeter fielded some angry questions from approximately 200 season-ticket holders during a 90-minute town hall on Tuesday night. Asked if the team got enough in return for Stanton, Jeter pointed out that they got $265 million of relief that will give them the flexibility to do what they want to do. "We gave a gift, right?'' Jeter said. "I hope every gift I give returns $265 million.'' Manfred told The Dan Le Batard Show that he only first received the ownership group's payroll plan two days ago.