Manchester United are eager to sign Marcos Llorente. The Premier League club has contacted Atlético Madrid to place an offer for the Spain international - they are willing to pay 80 million euros.

Selling Llorente is not in Atlético's plans, but United's proposal is attractive enough that club directors are prepared to weigh up the pros and cons. A transfer fee of that amount would ease some of the losses the club has suffered as a result of the pandemic, and make up for being knocked out of the Champions League at the Last 16 stage.

Marcos Llorente however, has no intention of moving elsewhere. He is happy and settled at Atlético and does not want to leave Madrid, his hometown. He is currently having a new house built in the Spanish capital and his medium-term plan, both professionally and personally, is to remain with Atlético Madrid. Marcos is aware of the financial difficulties the club is facing and has had no problem in accepting a reduction in pay when the club has had to cut costs.