Manchester United and Leicester City are involved in a real tussle to finish in the top four this season, but one of them could finish fourth and still not get Champions League football.

The fight for the top four was already a scrappy affair before this weekend, then Chelsea and Leicester both lost and on Monday it was confirmed that Manchester City's UEFA ban had been overturned.

That means that there's no spot for fifth place in the league to creep into the Champions League on a technicality, but there might not even be room for fourth.

Should United or Leicester get the final spot, with the other getting third place and denying Chelsea, then there's an outside chance that fourth wouldn't be in the Champions League, if Chelsea won the competition this year and Wolves won the Europa League.

Winning either competition gets you added into next season's Champions League and with counties only being allowed a maximum for five entrants that would mean no place for fourth.

Of course that scenario is highly unlikely because of the Blues' current situation in this season's edition of Europe's top club competition.