Manchester City fans have been banned from wearing belts at Wednesday night’s Champions League clash with Napoli. City fans heading to the Stadio San Paolo have been told they will not be allowed to wear belts inside the stadium and will be forced to take off the item of clothing outside the ground. While City and Napoli fans, plus media, are not allowed to wear belts into the Stadio San Paolo, City staff will be allowed. Kevin Parker, general secretary of the Manchester City Supporters Club, declared the decision 'ridiculous'. "It's absolutely crazy,” he told the Daily Mail. ‘“I know they have had issues with Napoli fans using belts as weapons but since when has that been a thing in England? Why, all of a sudden, should City fans be banned? "It seems like something always happens with City in this competition. First we're banned from booing, then we were banned from a stadium and now we have been banned from wearing belts." The ban comes after a Napoli fan who attacked Manchester City supporters with home-made weapons, as part of a group of belt-waving hooligans, has been jailed.