There's more stuff from Twins manager Paul Molitor below, but here's one of the more interesting subjects he spoke about during his press conference today. As a mini-throng of Japanese media looked on, Molitor was asked about the Twins interest in free agent righthander Yu Darvish. "Let's make sure that the player and his team understand that we want to be part of discussions and we have targeted him as somebody we have tremendous interest in," Molitor said. "Where that's going to go, where the market's going to go, what we're able to do, how far other teams are willing to go, you know, there's things you can't control." While I think the Twins remain against offering five- or six- year contracts to free agent pitchers, I'm starting to think that they will make a run at Darvish. A team official maintains that ownership is prepared to compete for top pitching talent. We'll see. As I said a couple days ago, actions speak louder than words. Big news of the morning: Michael Pineda has been signed to a two-year, $10 million contract. Since he's recovering from Tommy John surgery, it's a move geared more for 2019 than 2018. In theory, there's a chance he could return before the end of 2018. But with his history, it would appear to patience is the key here. Pineda has had shoulder, elbow, pine tar and food problems since breaking into the league in 2011. He's immensely talented, can strike out batters but also gives up more home runs than he should. He's never thrown more than 175 innings in a season, so I wonder if his calling is out of the bullpen. But I don't fault the Twins for taking a flyer on Pineda. It's a very interesting move. Many teams would wait for him to get healthy and watch him throw before offering him a contract. This way, the Twins can influence his rehab. Interesting approach.