Once this season Ozzie Guillen removed Heath Bell from the closer role. Bell has forced him to contemplate the same course of action. For the second time in as many nights, Bell started the ninth with a three-run lead. His results dictated Guillen remove him mid-outing. Bell gave up a leadoff single to Angel Pagan and walked two of the next three batters. Friday it was Steve Cishek who came in for the save. Saturday, Randy Choate finished it off. Guillen after the 5-3 win was not prepared to make any determinations about how he might use Bell going forward. Here's what he had to say: "I don't want [people] to be like, 'Wow, how hard-headed he is,' but my players are my players. I'm going to root for them. I will take the heat if something goes wrong. I don't mind that, but in the meanwhile, we have to get it done. I don't have any more bullets to protect him. The opportunities are there. We never take the ball away from him yet. Even when I said Cishek was the closer, we [Bell] back.