For one brief, shining moment on Saturday morning before the Blue Jays’ 10-5 loss to the Atlanta Braves, manager John Gibbons had answered the riddle of the bullpen closer. But two hours later, the picture got cloudy once again. Both candidates remain viable options. Casey Janssen and Sergio Santos pitched back to back on Friday against the Red Sox and each excelled. Janssen threw just 11 pitches for his three outs, with two strikeouts. Santos walked his first batter then struck out the side. For Janssen, it was his first outing in a major-league game this spring and, a day later, Gibbons remained enthusiastic. “Yeah, I don’t see why not,” Gibbons said when asked if Janssen could head north with the club. “He’s good to go with no setbacks. I thought he looked pretty good. We just don’t want to pitch him too much down here. If he’s not ready, if we don’t think he’s ready, he won’t start (with us).” When asked directly if Janssen would be his closer, Gibbons said yes. But in a classic case of Alphonse and Gaston — “You take it; no, you take it; no, I insist” — Santos had graciously conceded the ninth-inning saviour role to Janssen, while last year’s closer insisted the team would be in good hands with Santos as closer. “In my heart of hearts I wanted to come in and become closer,” Santos said at a time he thought the closer’s role had been awarded to Janssen. “With that not happening, I’m OK with it, because the long-term goal, the main goal, the most important goal was to be ready to pitch. And I’ve done that. I feel like I’ve put myself in a good position. I’m feeling great. I’m excited for the season to start.”