One of the men acquitted of stabbing the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mike Adams during an altercation in South Side last year filed a civil suit Tuesday. Channel 11’s Alan Jennings got ahold of the suit. Dquay Means is suing Adams for malicious prosecution, Jennings reported, citing misuse of due process, false arrest, false imprisonment. The suit claims Means suffered emotional distress during his 11 months behind bars in relation to the case. Jennings reported that Means is seeking damages, though the amount was not specified. Earlier this month, the three men accused of stabbing Adams were acquitted of nearly all charges. Michael Paranay, 26, was found not guilty of aggravated assault, attempted robbery and conspiracy. “It has been a long 11 months, and I think it came out the right way,” said Michael Paranay’s father, Bill Paranay. “We’re all very excited right now,” said Michael Paranay’s aunt, Carol Paranay. The jury found Jerrell Whitlock, 27, not guilty of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, attempted robbery and conspiracy. Jurors convicted him of fleeing police. The jury found Dquay Means, 26, not guilty of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, attempted robbery, conspiracy and carrying a firearm. He was convicted of escape. Prosecutors argued that Adams was stabbed during an attempted carjacking in June, but defense attorneys said a fight began after Adams knocked food out of Paranay's hands. Adams, a 6-foot-7, 325-pound offensive lineman, was hospitalized for four days. Paranay's attorney, Randall McKinney, said Adams was "obliterated drunk, aggressive and out of control." Rabner said Adams' account of events changed three times.