Patriots fans have been waiting two seasons and one summer now. Other NFL teams have been ready to pounce as well but Ryan Mallett still hasn’t put it all together to show the potential that once made him a first-round prospect if not for some off-the-field issues. Mallett went 11-for-22 in the second half of the Patriots’ third preseason game against the Lions on Thursday night. He took a while to get started looked decent for a few plays here and there got bailed out by Kenbrell Thompkins on a couple throws then finally scored on a dump off to James Develin. It was a usual Mallett performance: mostly average with some bad and good mixed in. It may be time to retire the annual offseason storyline that the Patriots are talking about moving Mallett for a high draft pick. New England was praised in 2011 for spending a third-round selection on their future starting quarterback or a player they could no doubt move for a first-rounder at some point. But that was assuming Mallett would be able to show at some point that he could be moved to another team and start. That hasn’t been the case. Mallett’s mobility and pocket presence has surely improved but he still struggles with his shallow accuracy and he hasn’t flashed his deep arm enough in practice or in preseason games.