Malcom Floyd, after four months, still wears a neck brace to bed every night. He still deals with pain from an open-field hit that ended his season. He still waits to know if he can return to the game. After four months, he hasn't lost hope. The Chargers wide receiver wants to play football again. He's been told the spinal disk issue that he's dealt with since September is one from which players have come back. But he's also been told by Dr. Robert Atkins that it potentially can be career ending. Floyd has an appointment in about a month, he said, that is expected to give a better sense for him which it will be. There are reasons for optimism. Floyd has been healing. He feels progress in his rehab. He also is still resting and recovering. "I definitely want to play again," Floyd, 32, said. "I definitely do. I'm getting better steadily, and if my body allows me to play, I'm going to do it. I'm really excited for our team. I want to add some more firepower. ... If not, then yeah, I need to hang it up. It won't do anything positive. It won't help out me or the team. "This city deserves a championship, regardless. That's what I'm coming to play for. I feel like I owe the city a lot. You can only do what you can do and control what you can control."