When plenty of people weren't sold on the Philadelphia Eagles, Malcolm Jenkins was. The veteran safety, recently voted into his second Pro Bowl, told The Athletic Philadelphia's Bo Wulf this week that he got the sense the Eagles would return to the playoffs long before the team sported the NFL's best record of 2017. "If the question is, 'When did I actually believe that we could be a No. 1 seed?' Probably halfway through the season," Jenkins said. "I knew for a fact that we would make the playoffs and win the division in training camp." That's the kind of the statement that, delivered in training camp, often becomes fodder for rival fan bases down the road. But with the Eagles flying high, at least on paper, locked into the NFC's top playoff seed and home-field advantage throughout the postseason, Jenkins is in the clear. And it's not like Philadelphia was completely off the radar over the summer, when all signs pointed to at least some regression from the reigning NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys.