When I first joined Silver and Black Pride I was quite ignorant to the effects of Bi-Polar Disorder and I was quite critical of Barret Robbins for his choices that he made throughout his life. I wrote a scathing fanpost roasting Barret for his problems, and even when confronted by fellow community members I still refused to show any empathy for Robbins. I am sorry to him for that and I feel that it is necessary for me to say so publicly. If you read that linked post you will see why I am embarrassed about that post and how come I feel the need to apologize to a man that I showed no empathy at all towards. I am sorry Barret Robbins, even if you never read it and never read this. Then a dear friend of mine that I always believed would overcome his bi-polar issues lost his fight to drug addiction and my eyes were opened to the lack of control that can come with Bi-Polar Disorder. It can snowball out of control and even while putting in real effort sometimes it really is just unconquerable.