It's not often that NFL free agency is littered with as many quarterback options as there are quarterback openings, and when you throw in this year's top-heavy draft class, the abundance of starting-caliber passers entering the 2018 offseason rings loud and clear. And yet, when March 14 arrives and Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, AJ McCarron, Sam Bradford, Tyrod Taylor and Teddy Bridgewater figure to be just some of the big names available, there will still be reason to talk about Nick Foles. You know, the quarterback who just bested Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in the Super Bowl. First things first, it has to be understood that, in Philadelphia, where Foles delivered the Eagles their first-ever Lombardi Trophy, two-year veteran and MVP candidate Carson Wentz is still the guy. Varying opinions have been cast regarding Wentz's recovery from a torn ACL, but coach Doug Pederson and personnel chief Howie Roseman couldn't be any more clear that No. 11, when healthy, is the current and future face of the Eagles franchise. So while Foles may deserve to be in starting-QB conversations, everything defaults to Wentz once the latter is ready to play. Elsewhere, however, is a different story. While Foles may not be worth the Eagles' reported price tag of first- and fourth-round draft picks, he's also not the kind of guy Philly should be hurrying to discard, as Washington Redskins safety DeAngelo Hall suggested this week. Because beyond the notions that he's "just" the beneficiary of two hot streaks, Foles is well worth a look as a No. 1.