In 2012, the Arizona Cardinals struggled to run the ball almost all season. There were a couple of solid performances, one by Ryan Williams, one by William Powell and a couple by LaRod Stephens-Howling. However, the season was fraught with issues running the ball. Yet among the issues, you could make the argument that the smallest of the backs should be the one guy the team makes sure is back next season because he was the best one. Yes, I have made the argument before that we could consider LaRod a guy you can give the bulk of carries to. Believe it or not, the numbers suggest that he just might be a number one type runner. Pro Football Focus put together a couple of their "signature stats" articles, one on "pulse rate" and one on quantifying elusiveness. As you can guess, LSH is one of the league's most elusive backs. His rating of 51.5 is 12th among all running backs with at least 100 touches. He is great in the open field, and he does cause missed tackles. He forced 28 missed tackles this year. The rating is calculated by looking at yards after contact, number of touches and number of missed tackles caused.