f you thought Manny Machado Twitter rumors were fun, wait till you see Eloy Jimenez Twitter rumors!

One of the featured players in the rumor mill that repeatedly cranked out reports of Machado ending up on the South Side is back with a tweet about a supposed deal brewing between the White Sox and Jimenez, the No. 3 prospect in baseball who was just sent down to Triple-A Charlotte on Wednesday.

Now that would be a very big deal and one that would keep Jimenez in a White Sox uniform through the 2026 season.

Obviously there are reasons why giving Jimenez an eight-year, $100 million contract at this moment does not make sense, chief among them that he’s yet to play a major league game and that’s an awful lot of time and money to commit to a player who you don’t even know can succeed at the major league level. Let’s not forget that Yoan Moncada was, once upon a time, the No. 1 prospect in baseball. Had the White Sox given him an eight-year contract the year before he struck out 217 times, fans would not be happy.

Of course, the White Sox think the world of Jimenez and think he’ll be one of the game’s elite talents. Still, even in recent deals described as team-friendly — Chris Sale’s five-year extension in 2013 and Jose Quintana’s five-year extension in 2014 — those players had multiple seasons of big league experience under their belts.

But let’s get to why this could be a winner for the White Sox, and unsurprisingly it has to do with the whole service-time issue.