If there's Major League Baseball in 2021 — and that's a big if — they need to go back to extra innings as we've known them for over 150 years. Let's get that out of the way. Putting a runner on second base without him earning his way out there is a bastardization of the game and goes against the very fiber of the sport.

But dammit, for one year where everything is weird and we're drawing it up as we go, the new wrinkle is enjoyable. It is not, as myself and other purists may have believed, a signal that Western Civilization is collapsing. See, we've already seen plenty of those from the non-baseball category.

The early returns on the experimental rule are very good. It is serving its purpose in eliminating marathon games that nuke bullpens. Only two extra-inning contests have made it to the 11th. Last night's Dodgers-Astros tilt lasted until the 13th before a leadoff, walk-off two-run homer — the first in Major League history.