Could we acually see a year where both the No. 1 and No. 2 pick in the draft are traded? As talk continues of the Cavaliers looking to trade the No. 1 pick, word surfaced Wednesday from the Orlando Sentinel that the Magic are looking to move the No. 2 pick. Yahoo reports the Magic have been examining middle-to-late first-round picks in the event they are able to move down. Specific talks have centered in recent days about a potential deal with the Clippers involving Eric Bledsoe. The Clippers pick at No. 25. It's a sign of how weak this draft is that teams with desperate talent needs are actively looking to move out of the top spots. Orlando needs significant talent upgrades and while Ben McLemore fits a skill and positional need for them, if they can add a young asset with proven talent while keeping a first-round pick in a draft with pretty equal value from pick No. 15 through No. 40, it's a win. We'll see if they can pull of a deal as Rob Hennigan continues to re-evaluate and reconfigure the roster.