Arizona Diamondbacks ace Madison Bumgarner was happy to talk about his Arizona Diamondbacks debut and his sharp curveball, but questions about his secret rodeo gig?

Uh, not so much.

After Bumgarner tossed two innings Thursday against the Cincinnati Reds, the story was brought up in virtually every conceivable way by a horde of reporters, but Bumgarner refused to engage.

“Like I said,’’ Bumgarner kept saying, “I felt really good today.’’

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Bumgarner had been competing on the rodeo circuit, roping steer. What's life been like in recent days?

Since that story came out?

“What story?’’ he said. “You have to help me a little.’’

The story that you were competing in rodeos.

“Like I said,’’ he repeated, “I felt really good out there today.’’