The check-swing call in baseball has always been one of the most difficult for umpires to make. After a late Chicago Cubs rally was thwarted on a strike-three, check-swing call on Kyle Schwarber, Chicago manager Joe Maddon suggested that maybe it shouldn't be the umpires making the call.

"You see the check swing where the hands [don't move] -- to me that's not a swing," Maddon said. "It's what you do with the barrel [of the bat]. Everybody's worried about an electronic strike zone. I want an electronic method to control a check swing.

"That would be much more interesting. I would prefer that. Let the umpires call that game like they always do, but let's figure out a way to control check swings. I've got ideas on that, too."

Runners were on second and third base when Schwarber was rung up by third-base umpire Gabe Morales to end Chicago's 6-5 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. Schwarber immediately fired his batting helmet into the turf and charged at Morales, who threw him out of the game about the same time as home plate umpire Jerry Meals tossed Schwarber.