Sunday evening, the New England Patriots shook up the NFL by adding former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton to the roster. The fans responded with excitement and created anticipation for the upcoming "Madden 21" video game. The game doesn't release until Aug. 25, but EA Sports already released the first look at Newton in his new uniform.

Monday afternoon, the video game developer posted a video showing the digital Newton as a member of the Patriots. The video didn't show Newton in action as he ran over a defender or threw a long touchdown pass to Julian Edelman. Instead, it focused on Newton's signature move. He walked toward the camera and pretended to rip open his jersey to reveal the Superman logo underneath.

"Not gonna lie pats have scheme and a mobile quarterback im willing to say cam has his best year this year if starter," one Twitter user commented. The majority focused on the graphics and whether or not EA Sports made any improvements over the past year, but a few thought about the upcoming NFL season. They expressed the opinion that Newton will shine under the tutelage of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.