Brandon Lloyd? Laurent Robinson? T.O. or Randy Moss? Washed-up big-name veteran to be named later? That is not the direction the Eagles are going to go. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said Sunday the Eagles are likely to replace injured Jeremy Maclin from within instead of signing a veteran street free agent. “You want your young players to grow and develop and that’s why you keep young players on your roster” Roseman said Sunday morning before the Eagles’ open practice at the Linc. “You look at the good teams in this league that’s what they do with their players. They develop them they groom them then they give them an opportunity. “So sitting here it’s not even August we have a lot of reps to evaluate our team and it doesn’t mean we’re not going to look for ways to improve. But at the end of the day you have to show confidence in the players that you brought in.” Maclin one of only 12 receivers in NFL history to catch at least 50 passes for at least 750 yards in each of his first four seasons is likely out for the season after tearing his right ACL during practice Saturday at the NovaCare Complex. Roseman said Maclin’s surgery has not yet been scheduled. Maclin who watched Sunday’s practice from the sideline remains on the 90-man active roster and Roseman will wait until at least the cut to 75 on Aug. 27 to make a roster move with Maclin. The Eagles do have the option of placing Maclin on short-term IR although the expectation is that he’ll miss the entire season. “We’ll just see where we are in a couple weeks” Roseman said. There are significantly red flags regarding most of the top veteran receivers on the street. Lloyd isn’t a great locker room guy. Robinson has had severe concussion issues. Owens hasn’t played since 2010 and brings a ton of baggage. Moss struggled with three teams last year and would cost a fortune. Etc. The Eagles just figure the way to build with a new coach and a young team is with guys the Eagles already brought in. Roseman said that in determining the best direction to go to replace Maclin the Eagles took into account not only their crop of receivers but also their deep pool of running backs and tight ends.