Daniel Alfredsson was captain of the Ottawa Senators for 13 seasons. Coach Paul MacLean is in no rush to name his replacement. MacLean said Friday there's no timetable to name a new Senators captain after Alfredsson left the team to sign as a free agent with the Detroit Red Wings. "We're going to go through a process" MacLean said according to the Senators' website. "I've got to spend some time talking to the individuals talking to (general manager) Bryan Murray talking to my coaching staff. "We've done a lot of preliminary talk about it but we're going to let the process -- it's going to be a process but I don't think it's going to be a difficult one -- and we just have to take the time and get through it. ... I'm not going to put a timeline on it. When we make the decision that's the day it's going to be." sked what he's looking for in a captain MacLean said "Someone who does it right every day and is a good representative of the team. The most important thing is you've got to be here every day and you've got to do it right." Jason Spezza and Chris Phillips and perhaps Chris Neil each at times an alternate captain are likely to be considered. "We have a lot of confidence in the leadership group we have left" MacLean said speaking at Bell Sensplex. "It's not just one guy who's going to step up. One guy is going to represent as Daniel did with the captaincy but leadership isn't just a one-person thing or a three-person thing. It's an everybody thing. With me it's everybody. That's going to be the expectation. Everybody is expected to come to the rink every day and provide leadership and be prepared to do their job every day. Not just one guy." MacLean thought one of those guys would again be Alfredsson who left after 17 seasons with Ottawa.