Browns linebacker Mack Wilson thought that the hyperextended knee he suffered on Aug. 18 was payback for giving Nick Chubb a concussion the day before on an illegal horsecollar tackle in the non-contact first padded practice.

"It was really tough,'' Wilson, who returned to practice Monday after less than five weeks, said on a video conference. "For me to make a bad decision with tackling Chubb when we shouldn’t be tackling, I felt like it was karma, honestly, with me going back the next day and getting hurt.''

But Wilson, who feels ready to play Sunday against Washington, tried to wipe that thought from his brain.

"I just left it all up to God and feel like God makes no mistakes,'' he said. “He’s setting me up for the future with what I’m going through right now. I just stayed positive about it and just kept my head held high. I was just praying constantly that nothing was really bad and I could make my way back this season.”

It helped Wilson’s psyche that Chubb didn’t hold the concussive hit against him, one that drew reprimands from players and coaches alike.