This is a year of great significance for Manny Machado. Machado will qualify for free agency come the winter, meaning this is likely his final go-around with the Baltimore Orioles. It's also his first season as an everyday shortstop, having previously played the position in just 52 games. Machado, for his part, is confident the position swap is going to work -- so confident, in fact, that he said on Saturday he wants to remain at shortstop heading forward, and that the ability to do so will help determine where he lands this offseason. Here's the full gist of Machado's comments, via Baltimore Sun beat writer Eduardo A. Encina. It's worth noting that Machado isn't a total newbie to playing shortstop. He was one coming up through the minors, appearing in more than 200 games there before the Orioles brought him to the majors and installed him at the corner. He's remained there since 2012, and is considered one of the best third-base defenders in the game due in part to his strong, accurate arm. Presuming Machado opts for a team who lets him stay at shortstop, that could well affect his market.