As the visitors’ clubhouse emptied out Friday and the rest of the Yankees headed for their train back to New York, Lyle Overbay’s fingers flicked over the keys on his smartphone. Overbay was sending a text message to his wife with the news he’d hoped for when he started his unusual three-day tryout in pinstripes: Something like, “Honey, I made the team.” “I know how quickly Tweet (Twitter) and all that kind of stuff happens,” a relieved Overbay told reporters moments later. “I wanted to make sure she knew. “It’s definitely a little load off the shoulders.” Brian Cashman told the 36-year-old he had made the team after he went 0-for-4 in the Yanks’ 4-2 victory over the Nationals. He had gotten a hint the day before when the Yankees released his primary competition, Juan Rivera, and now it seems he’s got a spot. Unless, of course, Cashman finds someone else. Speaking of the roster as a whole, the Yankee GM admitted he was still trying to upgrade, even with the season starting on Monday against Boston at the Stadium.