As long as Roberto Luongo is a Canuck, he will never capitulate. He will never just run up the white flag, and willingly surrender to his friend, Cory Schneider, who also happens to be his rival for playing time. People are free to label the Canucks situation in goal a controversy. That is subjective. What’s not, is the fact that who starts in net is a competition which will become increasingly intense as this season winds down. It’s one neither goalie wants to lose. "When you have two No. 1 goalies, that’s the way it goes," Luongo said. "Me and Schneids want to play. That’s just how we are. "We’re competitors and we want to be in there. We both know that." Tuesday’s 26-save performance many have been a throwback for Luongo. But it was a comeback too. Not only did he wrap a floatation device snug around Alain Vigneault’s hips, which he’s done so often over the years, he made amends for a bad night in Detroit and a bad goal in Calgary. He thought those were the reasons he hadn’t started for three games. "When it’s my turn to play, I have to perform and that’s the bottom line," Luongo said. "I know I don’t have the luxury of having any missteps. I don’t have the luxury of knowing I’m going to be back in. "When I’m in there, I have to play well." This is all new in a regular season. That’s a scenario he’s never before played under. "Obviously," Luongo said. "You want to go with the goalie that gives you the best chance to win. If you have a misstep, you know you’re not going to be playing the next game. You many not be playing for a few in a row." Luongo had no mishaps against the Blue Jackets. Vigneault called it "excellent." It was. He probably could have called him the starter for Thursday’s game, too.