If it was a grudge match, it was produced by Disney on Ice. As if seeing the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks clash with the aggression of a candle light dinner, and the savagery of a Lifetime movie, wasn't enough, Patrick Kane didn't leave Vancouver before gushing about Roberto Luongo. "He's a great competitor and to be honest with you I'm happy to see him doing well," said Kane. "He just seems like a really good guy and has a lot of respect for the game. "He played great again. He had some big saves. He's a great goaltender and I'm happy for him." OK, we're all for the ongoing Lu love-in happening as he appears to be taking his last lap as a Canuck, but when Kane is on board that's, well, a bit much. In a 2-1 shootout win, the Canucks didn't seem worried about two things Friday. One was exacting revenge on Duncan Keith for his low-rent, flying elbow routine. The other was skating forward. This year's Canucks have yet to meet a defensive shell they didn't want to crawl into, take off their coats, build a fire and stay a while. A long while.