In the City of Steel, Henrik Lundqvist was the Man of Steal. Other Rangers emerged to play important roles in last night's 3-1 victory over the Penguins that stretched the Blueshirts' latest winning streak to four games in a season of all but seamless stretches of success, but they did so only after climbing aboard The King's sturdy shoulders. "Hanky just plays on his head pretty much every night," Dan Girardi said, and the defenseman who logged 28 minutes was not using a metaphor. But last night was special, even for Lundqvist. For though The King used his head — well, his mask — to make one third-period save against Richard Park, it was his glove hand that shined the brightest throughout the match in which the Rangers were outshot 11-1 over the opening 5:55, 11-2 over the first 15:15 of the third and 38-21 overall.